Weight Watchers

A happier, healthier life starts here

The New York City Employee Benefits Program and your Union are committed to helping you reach your weight-loss goals and improve your overall health by paying 50% of the Weight Watchers® offerings listed below.

With Weight Watchers proven, personalized approach to weight loss through food and fitness, you can achieve a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle that is not only measured in numbers but around the whole you.

Weight Watchers Meetings*(Includes OnlinePlus)

  • Enjoy convenient meetings in your workplace (where available) and unlimited meetings in your local community
  • Receive guidance and motivation from a leader who has been in your shoes and has lost weight on Weight Watchers
  • Gain access to tools and strategies from people facing the same challenges, and encouragement to keep going
  • Includes FULL access to OnlinePlus, our full suite of digital tools to help you stay on track between meetings
Special Discounted Pricing $30.00/mo. NYC/Union Contribution* -$15.00/mo. (50%) Your Meetings Cost $15.00/mo

Weight Watchers OnlinePlus

  • Easily follow the plan step-by-step entirely online with digital and mobile tools§
  • Food and activity tracker, recipe building tools, restaurant guides and much more
  • Connect with our online community, day or night, for inspiration and motivation
  • 24/7 Expert Chat when you need support to stay on track
Special OnlinePlus Pricing $14.00/mo. NYC/Union Contribution* -$7.00/mo. (50%) Your OnlinePlus Cost $7.00/mo
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When signing up, use the following information:

Employer ID: 11612222

Employer Passcode: WW11612222

Invite your family to join you! Benefit-eligible dependents (spouses, children 18-26) and retirees can enjoy discounted pricing. Spouses and dependents of retirees are not eligible for the discount.

If you experience any problems with this site, please call the Weight Watchers Wellness Hotline at 866-797-2836.

*The dollar value of this contribution/benefit will be included as taxable income to the employee.

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